Orlando's Legendary Hit Music Station

Cyberzone Nightclub - Orlando - DEFUNCT - BJ105 Radio Orlando, FL


Mar 18, 2021 Nightlife 0 Comments

Cyberzone was the greatest late night that ever was open in Orlando. Finally closing its doors in 2001 due to intense legal pressure and the “anti-rave” movement, it marked the final legitimate late-night to fall in Orlando.

Boasting a super custom Klipsch sound system, touch-reactive bar tops, cosmic UV blacklight paintings, a spaceman, an alien, a back room larger than most clubs, a “liquid lounge” vip, bubble poles, state-of-the-art video system, and of course the ability to serve booze till the morning set Cyberzone apart from all other clubs. It was the most successful Electronic Dance Music venue in the city for well over 5 years. Usually opening its doors at 10PM but staying open till an incredible 5-6AM it was very common for Cyberzone to host its EDM shows well after other clubs had to close.