Orlando's Legendary Hit Music Station

Cairo Nightclub


Mar 13, 2021 Nightlife 0 Comments

I have fond memories of Andy Huges and Rob-E spinning breaks and house music all through the 90’s. Club features 2 levels with 2 major bars and a huge dance floor. The name may have changed since I was there last.. It used to get packed on Friday nights. This was a regular stop while bar hopping and free before 10 pm.

Nestled between East Central and South Magnolia, this downtown dance club offers a trendy setting and some of Orlando’s hottest music, including cool dance tunes ranging from 80s rock and New Wave to reggae and rap. Expect to find fairly packed house most nights, especially if you want to “try your thing” on the dance floor. A nice alternative to the crowds inside is the rooftop patio area, where you can enjoy your drinks while listening to live music.