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Discovery Island at Walt Disney World - Orlando - DEFUNCT - BJ105 Radio Orlando, FL


Mar 15, 2021 Attractions 0 Comments

Disney World is marketed as a place of wonder, excitement, and magic. But, there’s a secret side of Disney the company doesn’t want you to see.

On the official map of Disney World, there is a blank green mass in the middle of Bay Lake in Orlando, Florida. The mysterious island is not labeled and no one is allowed to enter — not Disney World guests and not even Disney World employees. But two decades ago this unlabeled island was actually another Disney amusement park called Discovery Island. It mysteriously closed in 1999.

For nearly 20 years, Discovery Island has remained under lock and key, people banned from stepping foot inside. But a few years ago, YouTuber Matt Sonswa snuck onto the island to capture the park in ruins.