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Circus World was a theme park built north of Haines City, Florida in Polk County, on the south-east corner of the Interstate 4-US 27 interchange. It was originally a property of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Combined Shows Inc., and was intended additionally to be the circus’s winter headquarters as well as to have the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College and its museum located there.


Circus World Showcase, The preview center for Circus World Showcase, as it was originally called, a 27,000-square-foot (2,500 m2) building designed to look like a circus tent, was erected and opened in 1974. The building featured, among other things, an IMAX and regular movie theater.[1] Exhibits were built around it throughout the next two years, including a carousel, a Ferris wheel, a classic wooden roller coaster, several shows, and an interactive experience where visitors could actually attempt certain daredevil stunts such as tightrope walking and the trapeze (with copious safety equipment and expert help). A 1000+ seat arena was also built featuring daily circus performances that included live tiger, elephant, equestrian, trapeze and acrobatic acts, as well as clowns and a live band. The Showcase part was eventually dropped, making the park “Circus World”. Other live shows were added including a wild West rodeo that performed daily in a customized outdoor rodeo arena.
James A. Bailey Theatre, an IMAX theater
Elephants performances
Elephant rides
Camel rides[1]
Center Ring[12]
Zoomerang (June 1977) a loop ride one-minute in length first forward and back at a top speed of 45 miles per hour (72 km/h).[6]
The Hurricane (1978)[6] also Florida Hurricane,[12] a main attraction at the park, this was a wooden coaster and was used at Boardwalk and Baseball[13]
Wiener Looping (1984) Manufactured by Shwarzhopf of West Germany [6]
Starting with a nose-bleed, 150-feet climb backward up a flagpole, the coaster then zips down into a series of shoulder- crunching turns and then a neck-twisting full loop. Ah, a temporary reprieve. Then, a forward ascent up the same pole with a trip backward through the same route shortly thereafter. I mean shortly thereafter. The trip backward is more frightening because passengers can`t see the twists and turns ahead.[6]

The Ranger, ship-like swing ride that rotates
Music Express, backward traveling carts over a hilly circle a few times while playing loud disco music
The Schlittenfahren (German: sleigh-riding) sleigh-shaped carts that are trackless and suspended from above. The sleigh seems to travel over water speedily in an oval.
The Para Tower, a three-person gondola drops along tower with a parachute and is for small children
The Wave Swinger, riders, designed for kids, sit in wicker chairs suspended a hub and spin until forces pushes them outward.[6]
Roaring Tiger coaster
Great Western Stampede show
Barnum City Depot
flaming high diver
flame eaters
polar bears show
Wonderful World of Clowns location with show and “Be a Clown”
midway (fair)
tightrope walking[12]
Be a Star circus show, with attendee participation as they can try the flying trapeze in a safety harness[11]